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Lindab Rainline – the metal guttering system that lasts

Check out the FAQ’s below for answers to many questions about Lindab Rainline metal guttering.

What is the purpose of guttering?

There are many different types of gutters that are used to collect rainwater from your roof and to protect your home from water damage. Rainwater is diverted away from the building’s foundation using guttering systems. Besides preserving the property’s foundation, it also acts as a barrier against erosion and prevents water from seeping into the building. The water can also be stored in a tank for later use, such as for watering plants. Rain gutters are available in a wide range of materials and designs, steel being the strongest and longest lasting.

How long does Lindab Rainline metal guttering last?

Lindab specify up to 70 years.

Does Lindab Rainline guttering come with a warranty?

Lindab provide a 15 year warranty for all Lindab Rainline painted metal guttering and downpipes plus accessories and a 10 year waranty for the galvanised Lindab Majestic range.

What's the lead time for installing a Lindab Rainline rainwater guttering system?

Once an order has been received we can start the installation within 3 weeks.

Click here for more information on rain gutter installation.

How long does it take to install the Lindab Rainline guttering system?

Typically a 3 bedroom detached property will take between 2 and 3 days to install, from arriving on site to completing the rainwater guttering system installation.

How much does the Lindab Rainline metal guttering system cost?

Although the initial cost is higher, the metal guttering lasts last significantly longer than standard plastic guttering – Lindab Rainline lasts up to 70 years as opposed to other guttering systems which may last only 20 years. Each property is different so there is no standard price but we’d be happy to provide a rainwater guttering quote.

What colours and finishes are available in Lindab guttering?

The painted Rainline system comes in a choice of 12 painted colours to suit classic or contemporary aesthetics for domestic or commercial properties. High-build, scratch-resistant polyester paint is UV stable, has excellent colour fastness and is flexible which ensures that the coating isn’t damaged when products are formed from the sheet steel.

The unpainted Rainline system comes in 3 finishes and options provide a uniquely attractive organic aesthetic. The new improved Magestic galvanised rainwater system and supreme natural copper Rainline system will weather and adjust to the environment requiring minimum maintenance.

Click here for more information on the different options available for painted and unpainted metal guttering.

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