We stock all components for the Lindab Rainline system including guttering and downpipes, accessories and fixings.

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Lindab Rainline guttering is a fully galvanised metal guttering and downpipes system

The half-round guttering and downpipes, plus all gutter accessories and fixtures, come in a wide range of finishes and all with a 10 year manufacturers warranty. The no-sealant connectors feature a built-in EPDM rubber gasket providing a lifetime of leakfree guttering for your property. In addition to supplying the Lindab Rainline system, we are also registered Lindab guttering installers.

Unpainted metals – an elegant finish

Unpainted metal options provide a uniquely attractive organic aesthetic. The new improved Magestic galvanised rainwater system and supreme natural copper Rainline system will weather and adjust to the environment requiring minimum maintenance.

Lindab Rainline unpainted metals magestic


Magestic – The King of Galvanised Gutters, an improved galvanised steel with a strengthened magnesium zinc alloy coating offering the highest surface protection of any metallic coated steel. Magestic settles into an attractive dark grey metallic appearance within 3-5 years after installation.

Lindab Rainline unpainted metals magestic circle
Lindab Rainline unpainted metals natural copper

Natural Copper

A limited range of Rainline products are available in uncoated copper. The finish is highly desirable and provides excellent corrosion resistance once it has transitioned to a greenish verdigris patina.

Lindab Rainline unpainted metals natural copper circle
Lindab Rainline unpainted metals stainless steel

Stainless Steel

Only Rainline Vandal proof products are available in a stainless steel finish. The products are made from 1.5m stainless steel plate.
Lindab Rainline unpainted metals stainless steel circle

Painted Rainline – beauty that lasts

A choice of 12 painted colours to suit classic or contemporary aesthetics for domestic or commercial properties. High-build, scratch-resistant polyester paint is UV stable, has excellent colour fastness and is flexible which ensures that the coating isn’t damaged when products are formed from the sheet steel. Painted Rainline systems are supplied with a 15 year warranty.

Lindab Rainline painted metals antique white
Lindab Rainline painted metals black
Lindab Rainline painted metals graphite grey
Lindab Rainline painted-metals anthracite metallic
Lindab Rainline painted metals matt anthracite
Lindab Rainline painted metals silver metallic
Lindab Rainline painted metals dark grey
Lindab Rainline painted metals coffee brown
Lindab Rainline painted metals brown
Lindab Rainline painted metals tile red
Lindab Rainline painted metals dark red
Lindab Rainline painted metals copper metalic

Lindab’s Rainwater system is available in twelve distinct colours. Mixing and matching these is easy. Either discreetly complementing the overall colour scheme of the house, or boldly creating accents of colour.

Why not choose dark red drainpipes for a white stucco facade? Or mount exclusive copper metallic pipes on a grey stonewall. Or why not mix tile red gutters with white pipes to match the respective colours of roof and woodwork?

Any facelift is possible. The choice is yours.

Lindab Rainline grey on red house

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Features and Benefits of Lindab Rainline

The sustainable choice

Tests have proven that steel has the lowest carbon footprint of any rainwater system. Manufactured from up to 30% recycled material, having an expected useful life of up to 70 years, and being completely recyclable means that the lifespan environmental impact of steel is much less than plastics and other metals.

Looks that last

Stylish design available in a choice of 10 painted colours and unpainted Magestic galvanised steel or natural copper finishes. Painted steel has a thick layer of zinc coating on both sides of the steel core to protect from corrosion. High-build, scratch-resistant polyester paint is UV stable and has excellent colour fastness. Unpainted materials have a natural finish which age beautifully.

Low maintenance

To ensure a long service life, the only maintenance that is required is an annual wipe or wash. Plastic can shrink and move when exposed to changing temperatures which can cause cracks and leaks, steel has low thermal movement minimising repair requirements. Vandal resistant products can be selected to further reinforce pipes from potential damage.

Find out more about Lindab Rainline – visit the website.

Lindab Rainline gutter diagram

This steel has a thick layer of zinc coating on both sides which protects the steel core from corrosion and the top coat contains polymer grains that make the surface scratch resistant. This coating also has excellent flexibility which enables the sheet steel to be formed to produce guttering and downpipes plus other various products without damage to the coating.

An extra-durable high-build polyester paint coating provides protection and extends the life expectancy of Rainline in excess of 70 years with minimal maintenance, only annual cleaning is recommended and touch up of any scratched paint.

Rainline painted finishes have excellent colour fastness, they are UV stable. All painted Rainline is supplied with a standard 15 year warranty.

Colours displayed may vary from actual, NCS and RAL codes are the nearest colour match.
Colour samples can be supplied to demonstrate true colour.